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Read Before Submit Your App For Review

Interested in submitting your Application for Review. Please feel free to send us all the required information regarding your app in order for us to review it. You can submit your application for review by sending us the full details to the email address below or by using our submit form here. We love to hear about pre-release and beta versions of applications, so please contact us about that as well.

In order for a review to be great, you have to send all the reguired information about your app to info (at) Please include screenshots, icons, Company details, a short description and the app store URL. Any additional media are welcome as well as a PR of your app if available.

While we wish we had the time to review every single application sent to us, we unfortunately do not. We will only review the applications that we think are of the greatest interest to our readers.

Here some tips and key notes that we take into account when reviewing:

  1. First off, the application should have a decent graphic environment. The design of your application is your showcase which attracts our readers eyes.
  2. In Addition, your app needs to be original or unique. With so many apps using the same type of philosophy and mechanics we will be pleased to review an app that is different from others. Readers love to hear about new ideas.
  3. Furthermore, it has to be an app or game with quality. A well designed app always take the lead among other apps.
  4. Finally, we take into account, apps that come with a lot of content. A link to the app store, a well-written summary, a variety of screenshots and images, a video presentation or a promo code would be very helpful in order to review your app.

We hope this explanation helps your efforts. But we cannot guarantee that all apps that fit these definitions will get a review published, but it should definitely give them a priority.

Review Badges

All developers are more than welcome to use our review badges on their sites to point to their review on All you have to do is copy the image and host it yourself though, do not direct link to the image on our server. Badges are available on the badges page.