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Despite Tumblr’s massive popularity, the blogging company hasn’t really paid much attention to its mobile apps. But that may change next week when Tumblr unveils an entirely new iOS app.

Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp announced the new app at the Founders conference in New York City today, during a conversation with the New York Times’ Nick Bilton. The app won’t feature any advertising when it launches, Karp said, but Tumblr is planning to implement them soon. There aren’t any other details on the app yet, but I’d imagine it would resemble Tumblr’s newly revamped Android app. Tumblr has built up a massive community with its simple blogging platform, which also lets you follow other users similar to Twitter. It’s easier to share and post through Tumblr than with more complex blogging platforms like WordPress.

But so far Tumblr has focused most of its attention on the desktop, leaving its mobile apps to languish with slow performance and fairly basic functionality. With some newer mobile apps, Tumblr would make posting much easier for its existing users, and it could tap into an entirely new audience. There’s also a huge opportunity for Tumblr on the iPad — though it’s unclear if this new app will offer a radically different iPad experience.



App download records for iPhone, iPad and Android devices were shattered on Christmas Day, with 328m downloads on 25 December alone, according to mobile analytics firm Flurry.

That's up from 242m iOS and Android downloads on Christmas Day in 2011, representing a hefty festive bonus for developers of the most popular apps on Apple and Google's platforms.
Flurry's software is used by developers to track usage of more than 260k apps, giving it a good insight into overall market trends. Based on the same data, the company estimates that 17.4m new iOS and Android devices were activated on 25 December, up from 6.8m in 2011, and 2.8m in 2010.

In a blog post announcing these figures, Flurry's Peter Farago estimates that over the first 20 days of December 2012, daily activations of iOS and Android devices averaged 4m, showing the scale of the Christmas spike.
Of the 17.4m new activations on Christmas Day, Flurry estimates that 51% were tablets and 49% were smartphones. The company hasn't broken that down by device and manufacturer, other than saying this:

"The big winners were Apple iPads, Apple iPad Minis and Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" tablets. In particular, Amazon had a very strong performance in the tablet category, growing by several thousand percent over its baseline of tablet activations over the earlier part of December."

Some developers have already talked about their own figures for Christmas Day downloads. For example, Imangi Studios co-founder Keith Shepherd tweeted that its Temple Run game "had over a million downloads on iOS, over a million on Android, and over 500k on Amazon on Christmas day" – Amazon being a reference to the Amazon Appstore for Android devices, including the Kindle Fire range but also other devices. Flurry expects downloads for the week up to New Year's Day to continue to soar. "Flurry anticipates downloads to surpass more than 1.5 billion, and have a shot at breaking through the 2-billion download barrier for the first time ever," blogs Farago.



By now it seems doubtful that any one thing is going to fix the conundrum Apple has created with Maps in iOS 6. The bugs that plague the system are related to the visuals AND the data, and who knows what else… But Apple isn’t giving up, and their latest efforts to better iOS 6 Maps appear to be focused on the local data owned by Foursquare.



The PC version of Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition launches today, however the iOS version was delayed a week due to the game needing to be re-submitted after a game-breaking bug was discovered.

"The iOS build is not approved. We've found a crash bug and had to re-submit, which pushes us to the back of the line. I'd guess next week," creative director Trent Oster said on Twitter. "iOS build had a game-stopper bug. With current estimate for app store approval, that puts us into next week.

"We're doing all we can," he added. "We aren't going home until the new build is submitted. We've done a lot of builds and testing and we are close now."

The PC version is being sold exclusively through Beamdog and goes live at 11 AM PST.

Source: Shack News

YouTube-Icon-150x150Google has released an update to their YouTube app that brings much anticipate native support for the iPad.  The update, which is available now, has been optimised for the larger display of the iPad & iPad Mini and also brings optimised support for the iPhone 5.  The update also brings support for streaming videos via AirPlay on your AppleTV and the ability to add and remove videos from your playlist on YouTube.

This is the first significant update to the YouTube app since it was released as a standalone app back in September.

YouTube is a free app and available in the iTunes App Store

Source: Allios News


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