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Turnacle 2 - Improved Puzzled Colors on the App Store

  • Editors Opinion: A Great Colored Puzzle Game
  • Editor's rating: 5.0 / 5.0


Turnacle 2 is a puzzle game that offers a unique experience and scalable difficulty in way that the user has to put his mind to it. With a minimalistic design and a colorful perception the game's graphics are beautiful and is easy to understand. 

Inside the game, the user's goal is to solve different grids that consist of different colored round shaped discs. Through the game depending on the level difficulty the user may find of up to 66 discs with a variety of six colors. The user has to turn each colored disc in the right angle in order to align them with the neighboring discs. If each disc is aligned properly with the others then the grid is solved. The new version of the game offers 6 challenging levels of difficulty as well as the possibility of unlimited number of puzzles. You won't find two same puzzles inside the game.

The game also offers Game Center integration. The user is able to earn achievements, as well as compete with his friends in the game's leaderboard. 

Turnacle 2 is available on iPhone and in addition makes great use of the iPhone 5 new screen size. Furthermore Turnacle 2 offers an iPad version as well with exclusive content.

App Store Link:  Turnacle 2 

Game Screenshots:

classic   puzzle   endgame


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