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Scrabble you say? Then Words With Friends HD

  • Editors Opinion: A very good crossword game for iPad
  • Editor's rating: 4.0 / 5.0


How many times has it been when you wanted to play a board game with your friends but it has been difficult to carry it all along? Now Words with Friends HD brings a word scrabble board game in front of your iPad screen.

Words with Friends HD is a scrabble crossword like boards game that has been build for iPad. It's a game that can be played with your friends anywhere anytime. The game's experience and gameplay is smooth and very easy to understand. The difference between the original board game and Words with Friends, is that the game contains a large word database and the validation of each word after submitting it comes from the app rather than your opponent player. As a result you may not enter whichever word you like but on the other hand you won't have to argue about the validity of a word. 

Finding opponents to play is generaly easy. That's because you may search for random opponents inside th game, add friends through your contact list or by simply using their username to search for them. The game is also available for iPhone and Android, but with the larger display the user experience was more than improved from the iPhone version.

If you already have an iPhone version then i recommend getting the iPad version as well. It’s so much more comfortable playing on the iPad over extended periods of time and much easier on the eyes as well.

App Store Link:  Words with Friends HD words-with-friends-icon

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